A comedy of errors

Did you see it ?

I mean Sunday night’s news on CBC TV. I figure it had to be entertainment, which is why I’m dealing with it here.

The PM was speaking at some function and for some reason the telecast had him, and everything else, looking blue. At first I thought it was a performance by The Blue Men but I didn’t hear any music. Then I thought it must be Poppa Smurf in a suit, only to realise, after a closer look, that it was Freundel.

Now why on earth would CBC choose to broadcast the man looking like that? Someone must have seen it before it was broadcast and realised that the lighting was not favourable. I would have thought that they would use a picture of him and use the audio but no, they chose instead to make the man look like Poppa Smurf.

I was wondering if, at some deeper level, someone was trying to get the message across that Bajans are blue vex, or that we are singing the blues.

Then again, it could well be that someone decided that since red was a problem in the Pine, they would go blue instead.

Whatever the reason, it only strengthens the point I made last week about the news becoming bare comedy. What will we see next, Chris Sinckler in a tutu?


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