The City stench

Bridgetown is now a heritage site and tourists to our island are being offered tours to take in the many sights and scenes of this historic city. Living here I seldom take the time to admire much of, if any, of Bridgetown. I usually do my best to be away from it as fast as I can.

It seems as though the worst of the worst hang out in the city. Vagrants, drug users, thieves, trouble makers and possible murderers tend to make the City the place in which they ply their trade. We all know of the town versus country battles both verbal and physical. The talk is always about who is better than who in sports and everything possible under the sun. Even the ladies got to be part of the action. Who has the better looking and sexiest women? To this day it still goes on and may never cease in that department.

With all the old historic buildings, mainly the House of Parliament, I am proud of the status our city now has. What has me about Bridgetown is the smell. Enough of the vagrants and the visual eyesores. What is just as bad if not worse, is the smell of urine around the city. Sunday I had to be in the vicinity of the Parliament building nearest the Palmetto Square. The smell was ridiculous, breathing was painful and I was very uncomfortable.

How did we allow this around one of the oldest and most beautiful structures in the City? When I tell you the place was rank, I mean real rank. Ammonia is the only thing smelling near or having a similar effect on the human nose. I am even getting angry when I think of the nasty doings that have brought on this dirty stain around and on our parliament. Is there not a law against people urinating as they please about the place? I am a man and I am not one who whips out my member to the atmosphere anytime and anywhere. Some men feel that they are doing nothing wrong when they expose themselves to relieve themselves. Where is the law when you need [it]?

With Bridgetown getting the heritage billing I believe the powers that be need to get some public washrooms around certain parts of the City. We all know how the Fairchild Street Terminal is. I am going from my past experiences as I have not even walked through the terminal in many years but I am quite sure that the washrooms there must still pose a task for those cleaning them. No doubt the same will transpire with a public washroom near the Parliament. I say employ a couple of attendants or a cleaning company to maintain them and with timely maintenance it will be a saviour for that city area. I know I just pointed out the Parliament building but if you happen to pass any alley around Bridgetown from around Nelson Street, Fairchild Street and those alleys around Broad Street, prepare to gasp.

You dirty men out there need to clean up your act and the authorities need to find a way to wash these alleys the same way they do the main city streets. A good disinfectant is also required.

I believe where alcoholic beverages are sold there should be washrooms, and the parliament area is one of such with the little shops around the square. The way men go and drench the Parliament walls is probably their way of saying how they feel about the goings on inside the building by our chosen members of Parliament. The stench is a vicious way to describe what they debate at times and the decisions made I guess.

If you are ever along the northern walls of that building please hurry on by, and those doing tours please don’t make the tourists pass out by making them stand in that vicinity too long. Action is needed real fast to rid the place of all this nasty action if I am allowed to say so, and instead of being just a heritage site it is also a top “rank city”.

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