Ruled by macaroni pie

Barbados has been “overtaken by macaroni pie” and an Opposition Barbados Labour Party spokesman is calling for a fresh focus on nutrition.

St. James North Rawle Eastmond was alarmed that the population was enamoured with this and other types of fast food when they were so harmful to their health.

St. James North Rawle Eastmond

He was speaking in the House of Assembly today as Parliamentarians debated and approved a resolution for the leasing of government property at Lower Collymore Rock, St. Michael being used by the University of the West Indies’ Chronic Disease Research Centre.

Eastmond said it was important for Barbadians to “follow proper nutritional paths”.

“One thing that is bound to happen, whatever resources are now, is that there has to be more emphasis, … on nutrition,” he said.

“This country has been overtaken by macaroni pie, Mr. Speaker, macaroni starch, the cheese a little greasy, not recommended for the arteries of your heart.

“I am saying, Sir, that there has to come a time where nutrition is going to matter. I have a very close friend in the legal profession, who claims to have done research and who told me that every young victim of the (fast food) era is incompetent in almost every area of their lives.

“So I asked him some more questions and he recommended sweet potato, breadfruit, cassava, and things like that. I heard a doctor say that proper nutrition can be medicine,” he added. Easmond saw a future where other Caribbean countries would benefit from the research of the CDRC, pointing to the Bahamas as a country which would benefit. (SC)

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  1. Jimmy October 3, 2012 at 6:38 am

    Political talk…..Wunnah get free food every Tuesday….Wunnah will know….and wherever wunnah go ….


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