On the move

Entertainer Michael Mikey Mercer handing over the cheque to President of the Business & Professional Women’s Club of Barbados, Marrianne Burnham.

Team Mikey is known as not just a charity but as a movement and they plan to keep moving way beyond the Crop-Over season.

Their hope is to stay away from being a “seasonal charity” and have future projects planned for Christmas and through 2013.

This morning at the Queen’s College School in Husbands, St. James while Chairman of the movement, Michael Mercer, presented President of the Business & Professional Women’s Club of Barbados, Marrianne Burnham, with a cheque of $3,700 he also revealed the next major project to be undertaken by Team Mikey.

While Mercer said their first project went considerably well, he noted they had only touched the surface of what they wanted to contribute to Barbados. They have many goals but their main aim was to push positive messages to the society hence their second project was born and its aim was to emphasise the value education.

The next major project Team Mikey will launch is a scholarship programme starting with the two schools which the Party and Sweet Soca Monarch said gave him his foundation: Wesley Hall and Queen’s College.

The programme was designed to offer some assistance to a child from each school for one academic year. Students will be required to write an essay on a proposed topic and the child adjudged with the winning essay will be awarded the prize. Each winner will receive a set of uniforms, school shoes, a school bag compliments of the Luggage Centre and a notebook or laptop. They will also have their school fees paid for the year and receive some assistance with their school books, Mercer said.

The scholarship was valued at $2,500 per child.

“Some may say that is not much but in times like these every little bit helps and it will go a long way.

Team Mikey is trying to help in any way they can. We are hoping that as time goes by, that we will get further assistance and we will be able to help the students even more. We hope some day that the programme will sponsor a student with a full tertiary scholarship.

“Many people take for granted the benefit of education and I think with our morals and our values, education plays a large part of the foundation of our lives. My education plays a tremendous part in my life and my work and I will forever be thankful for the teachers at Wesley Hall Infants and Junior School, Queen’s College, Barbados Community College and the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus. Along with providing me with a world class education these institutions have also installed in me many life lessons that I keep with me in my work. I am eternally grateful to my alma maters,” he said.

Annual scholarships

The Wesley Hall winner would be presented with his/her scholarship on October 12 while the Queen’s College winner would get his/her’s on October 26. Mercer added the charity hoped to make the venture an annual one with further plans to offer the scholarships to other schools as years go.

Acting Senior teacher at Wesley Hall Junior School, Anthony Foster as well as Acting Principal at the Queen’s College School, Juanita Wade were appreciative of the scholarship initiative.

Foster said he believed it would be beneficial to the students and it also demonstrated Mikey’s desire
to maintain a relation with his alma mater. Whereas Wade added that one of the school’s core values included establishing, in students, an enduring commitment to social service and civic responsibility and she was pleased to say that Mikey was fulfilling all of these goals.

During the Crop-Over festival, the charity produced a line of Team Mikey tee shirts which were sold to raise funds to assist the BPW to help with programmes at the Battered Women’s Shelter. They sold 241 of the tee shirts and the sales totalled $3,615. They also visited 10 children’s and senior citizen’s homes across the island and presented the residents with gift baskets. On Tuesdays, also during the festival, Warrens Connections held a series of limes where a Team Mikey barrel was placed to collect items to be donated to charities. (KC)

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