Handbooks to help with transition

Lester Vaughan student Kyra Williams accepting her handbook from Family Heartbeat CEO Haynesley Griffith and CDO, Kim Henry-Charles.

Help is on the way for children with the transition from Primary to Secondary school in the form of The Decent Decisions student handbook.

The handbook was specifically compiled to help the youth deal with the many issues that they are faced with in today’s society, such as: bullying, which was said to be a major issue in Barbadian schools, and it not only deals with bullying from the bully’s perspective but from the bystanders’, as well as on-line safety, puberty, hygiene and variety of other topics.

This morning students of the Lester Vaughan School in Cane Garden, St. Thomas received 200 copies and for the rest of the week members of the Family Heartbeat International Network Inc. will travel across Barbados delivering more to other primary and secondary school. A total of 4000 copies were expected to be distributed to the secondary schools and 500 for the primary.

The project was made possible through funds provided by The Maria Holder Memorial Trust.

Chief Executive Officer of Family Heartbeat, Haynesley Griffith told Barbados TODAY that because they were not adequate copies they had to select one school per parish but that next year they hoped to cover all of them. Nonetheless, those who obtain a copy would get assistance in making decent decisions.

The book was jammed with a number of areas that would help students in their lives and it goes straight through the year. Unlike seminar type transition aids the good thing Griffith said, about it was that students would have something to hold for life.

Chief Director of Operations, Kim Henry-Charles said they chose to produce the handbooks because many students were visual learners, “and we know children can easily suffer from information over load so since it is structured like a journal they can take it piece by piece everyday for a whole year and keep it with them.” (KC)

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