The Scout uniform

These days have been extremely hot and persons everywhere have been fanning or remaining in air conditioning cars or rooms in an effort to beat the heat. The apparent heat has not stopped the Scouts from doing what they like and that is Scouting. Almost every day in the past heated weeks wherever Scouting was done, the joys on the faces of the boys told the same story.

Looking at them dressed in their uniforms, from the Beavers to the Venture Scouts; they looked so resplendent in their uniforms that one knew instantly that the wearing of the uniform was a symbol of pride within the Barbados Boy Scouts Association and these boys were simply adhering to the regulations. Curious to ascertain what these regulations were, an interview was conducted with the Chairman of the National Scout Committee, Trevor Jones who indicated that the standardising of the uniform for the Sections came about with other improvements when the Chief Commissioner appointed a National Scout Committee and charged them with improving and engaging the Scout Section for growth.

Jones indicated that there are three

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