Mico's magic moment

Mico accepting his trophy and other prizes from patron of the event, David Comissiong.

by Kimberley Cummins

A whopping 69 points separated Mico Johnson from his nearest rival.

He had the moves, not like Jagger but rather, like Jackson and convincingly stole the show to win the final of the Richard Stoute Junior Teen Talent contest.

There was no doubt last night that the petite Johnson would have won the title, he was just too hot to handle. After being declared as winner, he told Barbados TODAY that he was unsure of how he would celebrate the win but disclosed that his secret to winning the crown was practise, practise and more practise.

This was evident in his vocals, with each performance they seemed to get better. Just eight years old, he sang from his diaphragm, opened his mouth wide to belt out a most powerful tone and clear diction. This young man’s rendition of Amazing Grace was almost flawless; his voice was smooth almost making one tremble. Every lyric uttered felt so sincere, as if he were speaking to each individual in the Plantation Garden Theatre audience. Looking sharp in a three piece suit he demonstrated wonderful microphone technique and the audience rose to their feet to applaud him.

The performance of The Way You Make Me Feel by the late Michael Jackson epitomised the showmanship and star quality of the young man. He was extremely impressive and everyone knew it, even chief judge Sheldon Hope. After Johnson’s performance of this number all Hope could do was smile with a hand placed on his forehead and shake his head.

Wearing a shimmering waist coast, pants with the legs “shooting” exposing his white socks in the style of the late King of Pop the student of the West Terrace Primary School was very convincing, with facial gestures, antics and plenty and dance. Johnson was a ball of energy and confidence, utilising each end of the stage like a natural performer, constantly sending the large crowd wild and deserving of his 693 points.

Second place and 624 points went to Lekenya Prescod.

She was a beautiful sight to behold singing Lady Ga Ga’s Born This Way and Blown Away by Carrie Underwood. However it was her latter performance which blew away the judges and the audience who jumped to their feet after her performance. In this performance she came to the stage looking like a little princess and as she began to sing the song one woman was compelled to ask how such a tiny person could have such a big voice. Her voice was pleasant on the ears and her diction was very clear. Her performance was filled with theatrics and she was rolling in confidence.

While this was the second consecutive year Reniece Bonnett placed third, this time with 611 points, she should never be deterred. The Harrison College lass was gorgeous to look at, she had a great voice – continually improving and she can only get better. She sang Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis’ Better In Time; but maybe she did not score as high as she could have because in the first song her diction was at times inaudible coming onto the end of the song.

Lester Vaughan School’s Crystal Lavia placed fourth with 565 points for her renditions of Break Away and One and Only by Adele. The ever energetic Jessica Greene may not have won the crown on the night but she won the hearts of the large crowd. With a constant smile, a personality that was contagious and which radiated confidence – she was memorable. The Alexandra School student sang Waka Waka by Shakira and This Is What We Do by Nathalee. While she may not be the best ballad singer, she has vitality and a spirit that is unstoppable; she is a performer and should be encouraged to continue.

Everyone could not win last night but it must be noted that all 13 of the juniors performed credibly. Seasoned performers have in the past said it was not easy going onto a stage to perform for judges and as well gawking eyes; each of the youngster who range from age six to 12 did that and gave of their best, they should all be commended.

Other contestants were: Rihannah Reid, who won a special prize for being the youngest contestant at age six, Kayla Alleyne, who also received a special prize, Krystal Boyce, Jada Colucci, Gema Springer, Janique Archer, Malik Stuart and Davika Lorde.

Guest performers were: Cherise Smart and Over 21 contestants, Troy Arthur and Tricia Maynard. kimberleycummins@barbadostoday.bb

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