Lots on offer

The Opal house style.

An additional housing solution with 72 lots in West Terrace is expected to get started in two weeks.

The middle-income project, a joint venture between the National Housing Corporation and ADC Building & Maintenance Ltd should be completed in 16 months, with actual construction of the houses starting before November.

There are seven designs ranging from $235 000.00 at the lower end to $378 000.00 for larger lots.

Speaking to residents over the weekend, particularly those in 16th Avenue who are living closest to the project, MP Donville Inniss said the development is specifically for first time homeowners and will not be sold to those who already own property. He further explained that the developers will not be providing financing and the allocations will be done based on qualification.

“They’re not designed for rent to own,” the MP further explained. “They have been designed as the typical middle-income sub-division.”

Lanette Napoleon-Young, Acting General Manager of the NHC said current applicants at the corporation can now request the West Terrace project: “You can revisit the NHC and indicate that you want your application shifted from wherever you had applied before to this location and you may be asked again to provide a new mortgage certificate in order to determine if you qualify to purchase in the area based on your salary commitments etc.”

The NHC’s Acting Chief Technical Officer Russell Armstrong said special attention will be paid to issues of drainage which are known to plague the area.

Meanwhile, Adrian Christie Chief Executive Officer of ADC Building & Maintenance said the homes will not be pre-cast concrete and he gave his assurance they will be built to the highest standards. He said surveying of the area should be completed by the middle of the month and road construction finished in three months. (DF)

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