Clearing roads after floods

A woman looks at the rising water in her yard after heavy rain lashed the island yesterday.

KINGSTON – The National Works Agency will today attempt to clear several roads, which were blocked by debris and boulders last evening.

In Eastern Portland, the Folly to Fair Prospect main road is blocked in the vicinity of the Dolphin Bay and Anchovy Housing schemes.

The NWA said the blockage is the result of a massive deposit of silt and debris in addition to a large volume of water.

The agency yesterday dispatched heavy duty equipment and personnel to the location.

However, the continuous heavy rains hampered their efforts to clear the roadway.

The NWA is advising motorists travelling from Boston towards Port Antonio to use the alternative route through Sherwood Forest, Nonsuch then onto Port Antonio.

The reverse obtains for motorists travelling from Port Antonio towards Boston.

In Western Portland, work to clear the blockage between Silver Hill and Section was halted because of heavy rains in the area and additional land slippages.

Residents of Section are advised to continue using the Buff Bay Valley end of the corridor, while those living in Silver Hill or adjacent communities should continue to use the route from Papine via Redlight until the roadway is reopened.


In St. Catherine, the Johnson Pen main road was inundated last evening.

In St Elizabeth, a large tree is blocking the Middle Quarters to Jack’s Gate main road in the vicinity of Happy Grove district.

Motorists and pedestrians are advised to proceed with care along the affected roadways and to obey posted warning signs and the instructions of flag persons. (Jamaica Gleaner)

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