CADRES poll not accurate

CADRES’ poll is not a true mirror image of the people of Barbados. It’s an organised plan by some of our white and black capitalist who want to remove our Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and to support a privatisation programme that will exploit the Barbadian economy and society. This poll is very empty it does not deal with the objective realities in Barbados but only look at personalities. This kind of poll will not help Barbados in it present economic problem that was created because of the global capital problem.

Prime Minister Freundal Stuart and his Minister of Finance are on the correct path by doing what ever it takes to maintain the Public Sector and to keep our public workers at work. The Government of Barbados is very strong in its action by defending the poor and powerless people of Barbados by creating social programmes for school children, campers, the elderly, poor mothers and fathers, housing, sports and cultural development.

The people of Barbados must not give Peter Wickham, Harold Hoyte, Owen Arthur MP and the local white and black capitalist the opportunity to privatise Barbados. Let us work on a programme to democratise the public sector and to empower the People of Barbados.

What the Government of Barbados needs to look at is a project that will reduce the cost of living and the cost of energy in Barbados. As a Barbadian who cares I would like to recommend that the Government look at the Petrocaribe project as a means to reduce the cost of living and our energy cost in Barbados. The Petrocaribe project promotes the exchange of goods and services, as an alternative way of payment for the oil bill, which promotes sustainable development and food security. The Government of Barbados must also look at developing a young people’s agriculture project that would help to reduce our international food cost.

I would also like to call on the Government of Barbados to set up a commission in Barbados to look at the Petrocaribe project for Barbados.

– David Denny

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  1. David Denny October 4, 2012 at 11:02 am

    Thanks for the telephone call and solidarity support i received.

  2. OA October 5, 2012 at 12:47 am

    The Cadres poll is very correct and the BLP will lead Barbados into better times for the people. They have done it before and they will do it again. Power to the people of Barbados.


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