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After installing the brand new Barbados Today app for my phone, I wondered what other nice Barbados apps are they out there, and so I went on a search. I came across a mobile app for the Barbados Yellow pages, and even though I thought it would just a watered down app more or less a shortcut to their mobile page I downloaded it anyway.

And boy was I wrong, not only did it have a pretty decent icon, but a nice simple and easy on the eyes layout. The designers did the best they possibly could given the all famous colours of yellow and black to work with.

So given the inviting layout I decided to poke around with it a bit and found it to be a pretty solid app, the first thing you are greeted with is a list of categories from Attorneys to Used Cars, 12 in all listed in alphabetical order, but if what you’re looking for isn’t listed there the app has a search bar for both white and yellow pages. It even has voice search, the searches can then be narrowed down to relevance or location. The location service obviously mostly determined by the accuracy of the GPS on your mobile device, but is quite handy.

Once you made your search the information given just isn’t a number as I expected oh no. Not only do you get the number, also for some companies you get their website and email address. Two of the bigger surprises came in the form of the feature to share the contact information via email and the fact that you can get, yup, directions. That is kind of hit and miss however as Google maps which doesn’t have exactly all the information about our little island. So there might be a few errors when asking for directions to shop across the gap.

The overall experience with the Yellow pages app was a good one and begs me to wonder why don’t we have more great home grown apps. Maybe UWI or BCC could add mobile programming to their programmes rooting out some of the older less used programming languages we are still teaching. Maybe more industries in Barbados will soon realise the advantages of mobile apps, a general Barbados app would be great for tourist to not only give a guide around the island but let them know what is on. A mobile version of the Ins and Outs of Barbados I believe would do very well and help to expose Barbados even more, let’s hope this can happen in the near future.

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