A bit of trivia

So you think you know about Scouting

Here are some very elementary questions to test your knowledge on Barbadian Scouting. Try to answer all 10. The answers will appear in the next Scout edition.

1.What is a Cuboree and when was the last one held in Barbados?

2.Who is credited as the “brainchild” for the concept of the Cuboree?

3.In what year was the Centenary of Scouting celebrated?

4.What are the names of the current Chief Scout, Chief Commissioner and President of the Barbados Boy Scout Association?

5.In which country is the Headquarters of the Interamerican Region, of which the Barbados Boy Scouts is a member, located?

6.What is a Wood badge?

7.List all the Chief Commissioners who served in this capacity and are alive today?

8.What is the name used by Cub Scouts to identify the Leader of the Cub Pack?

9.Name and date of the first registered Scout Troop in Barbados.

10.What is JOTI and JOTA?

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