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Barbados Today readers have been sharing their views and responses to stories carried in the publications. Here are some of their comments.

Students awarded

Auntie Michelle: Congratulations to all the Bugie winners especially my god-son Mark Ramsay.

Give fair chance

*CheeseONBread: MPs are put there to see to our needs, not our wants.

*Tony Webster: “Capable of giving people everything they need”. This is , perhaps the very ROOT of the problem! When my adopted daughter completed secondary education, her natural father indicated that he already had spoken with his M.P., who he said, would “get her something”. I discussed this with her, and we agreed that to go begging for job in the civil service, was about the poorest choice she could make. She took another road, got a satisfying job on her own merits and on her own efforts, and is now a confident, self-assured woman. Having already provided free education up to tertiary level, the state must not mollycoddle individuals, but allow them to exercise their natural abilities to compete for available jobs. Available jobs come from a vibrant economy. Work on making our economy vibrant please, and leave out such talk in the coming weeks and months!

CheeseONBread: Tony Webster, there’s a difference between “need” and “want”. Needs include delivery of services you would expect from revenue gained via your taxpayer dollars.

Such needs are: -access to quality health care; access to quality education: “quality” simply means a system of education able to nurture and develop young minds, no matter their talents. Indeed, training in areas such as plumbing, masonry, carpentry, welding ,that do not require advanced academic qualifications such as degrees.

I could go on but you get the drift. For all of this to happen you need a strong economy. That goes without saying.


Celia Collymore: One thing I like about Ros is that she is honest and real when it comes to everything HR. It’s important that you share/tell persons what they NEED to hear to move forward the business and the employees and not what they ‘want’ to hear that is easy and comfortable. Right people for the right jobs . . . you’re on the money, innovation ,leadership, success.

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