Mac's comments taken out of context

I was present when Mac Fingall made his comment: “RPB has surpassed Chalkdust”.

I therefore need to clarify something for people who are taking what Mac Fingall said out of context.

Let us examine this. Calypso has different dimensions commentary, party and ragga soca – to name a few. RPB has been able to make music that has appeal for all ages. He has not only won 10 crowns in the traditional two song competition, but he has won two Road Marches and one of his songs won an international road march. In addition he has won the Sweet Soca competition in Barbados in 2011. The fact is Ragga Ragga is still one of the biggest soca tunes to leave the Caribbean (recorded in seven different languages) also on a Sony compilation with the likes of Celine Dion. This song also played at one of the NBA Basketball Finals.

RPB has a song called What Kind O World that is on a Discovery Channel CD and Can’t Find Me Brudda, Not Me and Dat and Ragga Ragga are all in movies. Not to mention that he has songs that have been recorded by people all over the world.

Do you understand now what Mac Fingall is saying when he states: “RPB has surpassed Chalkdust”? He is not saying he is a better calypsonian. By saying surpass he is speaking of having a wider musical appeal.

RPB respects the work of Chalkie and Chalkie respects Bag’s music. Mac never sought to play down what Chalkdust has done. In fact Mac is one of Chalkdust’s biggest fans.

Finally RPB, as a writer, has won two Caribbean Song Contest competitions. Has Chalkie done this? By the way are critics aware that RPB’s music won a hat-trick when there was the steel pan competition in Barbados?

-Carl Padmore

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