Jack lashes out at media

Jack Warner.

PORT OF SPAIN – United National Congress chairman and Minister of National Security Jack Warner yesterday warned that all media workers with “an axe to grind” against the Government should first be beyond reproach themselves.

“If you are going to attempt to expose people then be above reproach,” Warner said in a telephone interview.

Warner said he was noticing a “most deceitful” trend where media reporters used their position to “push an agenda” and saw where the media were “compliant” with the Opposition People’s National Movement.

“That is duplicitous,” he said.

When asked if his statements should be seen as a threat to media workers, Warner said he was “not threatening anybody”.

“That is not a threat. I will never go down that road,” he said.

Warner’s statements yesterday confirmed similar statements he made on Wednesday night’s Democracy Is Alive programme.

During the programme, Warner held up this week’s Sunday Express, and pointed to two front-page articles.

“(Opposition leader Dr. Keith) Rowley is being propped up by a section of a compliant media,” he charged.

Warner said the articles, published on Sunday, detailed two issues, one two years old, another two-months-old which was not current news but was written “as though they happened last week”.

With regards to the programme, Warner said it was a People’s Partnership party initiative which aired simultaneously on five local television stations between 8 p.m. and 9.15 p.m.

While Warner was unable to put a total cost to the initiative, the Express learned that prime time allocations on various local stations cost between $70,000 to $100,000 for that one hour.

It is also understood that one television station located in Central Trinidad charged the party $6,000 to air the programme.

Warner said the programming format was expected to continue every Wednesday until December but would include other party panellists and was paid for by party funds through its advertising advisers, Ross Advertising. (Express)

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