Entrepreneurship show coming

As the world prepares to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week in November, a new Barbadian based entity is planting the seeds to ensure that Barbados does become the Entrepreneurial Hub of the world before 2020.

Entrepreneurs Anonymous, a new docudrama styled television program chronicling the journeys of various entrepreneurs in different sectors and at different stages of the development cycle, is set to go to air in October 2012.

EA, the brainchild of social and serial entrepreneur Paul Clarke in collaboration with a renowned British filmmaker, carries the tagline “A Support Network For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs”.

Clarke stated, “With the buzz on entrepreneurship worldwide, the aim of our television show is to inspire other entrepreneurs as well as to help craft the public perception of entrepreneurship in a more positive light.” EA will provide insights into the mind of entrepreneurs with their first person accounts of the risks, challenges and principles that come along with the success.

The EA Team will be using traditional and new media technology to deliver the television series.

Clarke added, “Entrepreneurship is universal. Based on the feedback received from Facebook and Linked In thus far, we have seen over 50 per cent of our fan base for EA is outside of Barbados and therefore we are encouraging our entrepreneurs to live local but think global when they are entering their entrepreneurial enterprises.”

“We are developing a network of entrepreneurs helping each other because of the content and the reach this information will be invaluable to entrepreneurs all over the world. To this end, we have begun negotiations to license EA Trinidad, EA St. Lucia, and we are also in discussions on EA Fashion and EA Music with New York based entities.”

The EA television show format offers an opportunity for the trading of skills and cultures in the production of the show while still creating jobs for locals in the Creative Industries. It will also lead to more stimulation of the economy through the increase in foreign direct investment and foreign exchange to the island through Licensing Partnerships.

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