City traffic controls in the planning

FLASHBACK: Roadworks in progress

Major changes could soon be coming to put the brakes on gridlock in, and around the City of Bridgetown.

Minister of Transport and Works, John Boyce told a town hall meeting at the Luther Thorne Primary School last night, to deal with traffic changes in tackling congestion in the Clapham, Wildey area, that his technical officers have been examining a variety of options for implementation.

Boyce revealed that the construction of roundabouts were among them.

“And we have had many machinations as what should be a final solution. Whether we introduce a mass of traffic control lights, whether we use more rotary junctions, better known as roundabouts in Barbados,” disclosed the government minister.

He said his ministry has also been considering whether to reduce or eliminate turns across traffic along the Wildey-Collymore Rock stretch that leads to Bridgetown and may be terminating the measure at the QEH roundabout.

Boyce referred to the practice of right turns across the Wildey Road which he lamented was one that caused numerous delays.

The Cabinet Minister noted that the Bridgetown dilemma was compounded by the overall congestion on the roads of Barbados, where the Government had to manage over 115,000 vehicles across a 1,700 kilometre road network.

Boyce observed that the congestion was mainly concentrated during peak periods in areas such as Wildey, Warrens, Highway 7, by Top Rock, Salters, St. George, Hothersal Turning, St. Michael and all intersections.

He pointed out that the ABC Highway Road Widening Project, which had been ongoing for the past six years as a traffic management measure, was “technically” complete, except for “a niggling” acquisition of land at the top of Rendezvous, Christ Church and a foot bridge currently being installed at St. Barnabas, St. Michael.

One Response to City traffic controls in the planning

  1. WhoUKidding! September 30, 2012 at 7:33 am

    All this foolishness for what?
    Simple solutions exists to the traffic problem. We cant ALL be on the road at the same time for work/school and not cause congestion especially with the slew of selfish, non-considerate drivers that we have on the roads today. And let me infuriate many by saying that the majority of them I have found to be women!
    So Mr. Boyce, your technical officers and others whom I suspect may be wasting monies on something that will never be solved by studies and other money wasting ventures, let me say this to you in ONE word! ELECTIONS!
    We’re just sick of it!


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