Secret or spill

Have you ever heard or seen some very interesting information and become conflicted as to whether keep this fresh information on the DL (down low) or whether to shout it from the roof tops? I think all of us can relate to a situation like this, because this life we live in just always seems to through us into awkward situations which cause us to have to make uneasy decisions. Maybe what we’ve seen or we’ve heard is news that we know if released into the general public will cause a major uproar. Maybe a small uprising, one that can cause problems between a couple or cause issues within a family. Or maybe its more on a large scale, like news that can cause major internal issues within a company that can lead to a large scale physical response.

The dilemma is always should I say something or just keep my lips sealed and people struggle with this decision daily. Laying out the pros and cons is always a step that may be able to assist the individual but all in all its a personal decision the individual must make, one in which they feel more comfortable with and feel will be more beneficial to themselves and by extension the parties involved.


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