Oppan Gangnam Style!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sexy lady

You know how it goes living in the islands……….we’re always light years behind with what’s hot and what’s not. But what’s hot right now? Lemme give you some hints. It has about 290,658,430 views on YouTube and less than 10 English words lol.

Yes yes Gangnam Style. I first heard it while listening to the radio one morning. First thing that caught my attention was the fact that it wasn’t being sung in English. After that it was neither here nor there for me. Then saw someone post it to FB and yes I watched it and I int gonna lie. I’m hooked!!!!!

It just goes to show how people can be connected through music even if it’s in a different language. It’s not only about the language but the music video in itself is peculiar yet funny and more over, the dance is it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched a concert performance by the singer known as PSY and the response was unreal. The entire arena was singing the K Pop hit word for word. A sea of glow sticks filled the screen as the camera got crowd shots. This could have easily been one of the best concerts in South Korean history.

Just a couple days ago I was tweeting saying there should be a flash mob doing Gangnam Style. I think it would get a good response.

If you haven’t got a chance to watch it as yet I think you should just you can be in the loop cuz this is what everyone IS talking about. I’m sure we’re gonna see a few fetes with this as its name or making some reference to the #1 YouTube video right now.

Gangnam Style!!!!!


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