Minister wants report on fire

Local Government minister, Noel Arscott, has requested that the fire department provide him with a report, after several buildings were destroyed by fire in West Kingston yesterday.

The fire wiped out an entire block comprising residential dwellings and a few business establishments on Regent Street, Beeston Street and Chestnut Lane.

Residents vented their anger at fire-fighters claiming that fire trucks which turned up to tackle the blaze arrived without water.

An upset west Kingston Member of Parliament, Desmond McKenzie blasted the fire service saying the damage could have been minimised if fire-fighters were quick on the scene.

Arscott said he visited the scene and seven trucks had responded to the fire.

However, he acknowledged that water was a challenge for fire-fighters as the pressure in nearby hydrants was low.

Call for probe

The local government minister said he has since instructed that a probe be carried out into the response operation by the fire service personnel involved.

Some 60 persons have been left homeless as a result of yesterday’s blaze.

It is reported that this was the seventh such fire in West Kingston in recent weeks. (Gleaner)

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