Looking down on others

I work quickly behind the bar, grabbing the rum, the orange juice, and the list goes on until I’m giving the shaker the greatest shake ever, my arms begin to hurt so I know my rum punch is ready. I pour the drink into the glass, after adding ice of course. I top it off with some bitters, some nutmeg and the prettiest little garnish, cherry included. With a smile on my face I serve her what I believe is the yummiest drink. She gives a half hearted smile, looks at me in this way, and says thanks. She tries the drink and loves it; I can see it in her facial expression.

She looks up at me and begins to ask some questions. “So how long have you been working in this bar?” “You like being a bartender?” “How’s life going?” She goes on and on, and I think to myself that she is probably wondering how I ended up working in a bar after receiving my associate degree in business.

Many of us have a bad habit of looking down our noses at people. We don’t know their situation but we still look down on them. Just think about how someone feels when you do it, consider their feelings the next time you do.


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