Hinds to join FIFA fold

David Hinds (right) with FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

The departure of Barbados Football Association president Ronald Jones will not be the only significant loss to the management hierarchy of that organisation. Barbados TODAY has learnt that BFA general secretary David Hinds will soon be stepping down to take up the post of CONCACAF Caribbean Media Manager.

Hinds, a journalist by profession, was appointed to the post by newly installed CONCACAF general secretary Enrique Sanz with the blessings of CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb and will work closely with the New York media department of the organisation.

“We welcome David and I am looking forward to being informed on all the soccer news and developments from the Caribbean at CONCACAF.com,” Sanz said.

When contacted, Hinds confirmed the appointment but admitted he was a little torn between leaving the BFA with a year left on his current contract and his imminent posting. But he added that this new position provided him a greater opportunity to help Barbados’ football and countries in the region in terms of international coverage.

When asked about the possibility of holding both positions he said: “No. It wouldn’t be fair to the BFA, the president or the clubs we administer because for the first three months my schedule is pretty hectic and the football public deserve a committed general secretary not only to run their affairs but to be always easily accessible.”

Hinds will be responsible for all media content in the English Caribbean in relation to football as it appears on the FIFA and CONCACAF websites, publications; and sit on the CONCACAF media advisory board which among other responsibilities determines television coverage in the region.

The outgoing general secretary said he would officially begin sometime next month but would stay on for a few days to meet with the new president of the BFA following the elections scheduled for September 30th to allow for a smooth transition.

“I am fully aware of the events which will take place in a few days and I wish all of the candidates well and look forward to working with whoever is successful. I will always be there to assist if needed,” Hinds said.

It was only last year Hinds was vindicated by FIFA and FBI investigators during the cash for votes scandal which rocked the Caribbean Football Union in 2011. He and FIFA referee Mark Forde had maintained their innocence and it was proven they were not involved and had taken no monetary gift from FIFA presidential hopeful Bin Hamman.

“That was a learning experience and one that I’m glad is over. More importantly though, it showed people that we had integrity. My biggest fear always was not what would happen to me because I knew I was innocent, but what effect would something like this have on Barbados. Bob and I came out with our heads high and I am thankful for that.”

About his new post Hinds said it was a great undertaking and he looked forward to being a journalist again and meeting and working with other counterparts across the region. He said his first priority would be establish a media link with all the territories under his portfolio and develop a team of competent, news gatherers to provide opportunities for them to be contributors.

“Once a journalist always journalist, so this is like a homecoming, and to be honest I have missed it for the two years at the BFA but my focus is just on doing the best I can,” he said. (WG)

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