Doomed to fail

governing party lacking accountability, transparency

In 2007, the Lord spoke to me to align myself with the opposition Democratic Labour Party, and say to them that he was going to allow them to win. In obedience to that word I invited the then opposition leader David Thompson and candidate for the constituency of St. Peter Haynesley Benn, to be guest speakers at my annual event called the Ultimate Gathering, which was held in November of the same year. In that session Thompson spoke clearly and openly about the need for transparency and accountable actions of government as it relates to the people of Barbados and the expediting of official duties.

After the event, I personally accompanied Thompson to his vehicle where I told him to prepare for his victory and make sure that he fulfills his promise to the people of Barbados. We shook hands and he said with people like you with us we will be sure to stay on the straight and narrow.

On the morning of January 16th, 2008, I journeyed to the DLP’s Headquarters on George Street, St. Michael to pray with the members of the party and told them that I want to be the first person to congratulate them on their victory in the election.

On giving his victory speech on the night of the election, the Prime Minister Elect David Thompson relayed the sentiments of accountable and transparent government to the people of Barbados. Well after hearing this I thought to myself that he seems to be serious about walking this path. I knew that any diversion from it would result in a cataclysmic failure of the part.

What we are seeing now is a result of the lack of accountability and transparency of the Democratic Labour Party that was promised by the late Prime Minister David Thompson.

Quicksand of failure

In my mind any party that will govern this country and fail in its duty to provide and sustain a new day of political accountability and transparency will fall into the same quicksand of failure.

However this lack of accountability and transparency has affected not only our political realm, but it has also affect the realms of business, education, parenting and even the way our youth behave. No one wants to be held accountable for their action. From the behavior of Ministers in Parliament to the leadership of Clico, to the Alexandra fiasco and the payment of excessive funds at the Barbados Water Authority, the very fabric of the Barbadian society has now adopted this attitude of no accountability.

As a member of the Board of Management at one of our secondary schools, I see often how this lack of accountability affects the relations of leadership and staff, teacher and student, student to student, parent to school and child. It is as though people have gotten to the point of just not caring about the things they’re accountable for or the people they’re accountable too.

In a real serious way in my opinion, it seems that it create a subtle hatred among Barbadian tha will again raise it’s ugly head. Barbadians will again battle each other over their respective party affiliations, families will be divided, people will be fired, companies will lose work and the list goes on.

I was confronted by a lady while I was walking through Speightstown, I don’t know this lady, but somehow she knows me. She said “how can you be a Christian and steal Mr. Benn’s idea, he was down here before you and all you coming to do is split his votes.” Without creating a scene, I briefly explained to the lady the situation regarding our upcoming Speightstown Alive project. She remarked “Oh I see now, but that’s not how I heard it.”

Beware of what you hear

So I said to her “explain to me how in the last four years how we’ve not seen either of our representatives, absolutely nothing has been done to help the people of St. Peter and the businessmen and women in Speightstown, people in this parish are suffering, and instead of you holding these representatives accountable for their actions and neglect, you get angry with me over an event that’s designed to help people.” She said afterward, “that’s so true, and you really have to be careful what you hear.”

The point I’m making is this, that Barbadians seem to have lost the ability to be accountable and hold the relevant persons accountable for their actions. We will elect person who have neglected their constituencies, and not fulfilled their promise, because the politicians too have come to realize that the people will not hold them accountable for the past four year, and will vote for their favorite candidate and party no matter what they do. What kind of people are we if we continue to function this way. Barbadian must begin to hold politicians accountable for their actions.

*The NBKA is committed to making Barbados work for Barbadians.

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