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workshop held for 20 cadet corps by dem

The Department of Emergency Management recently held an orientation workshop for 20 members of the Barbados Cadet Corps. The workshop, which was coordinated by Programme Officer Robert Harewood, was designed to prepare the participants for varying supporting roles within the Emergency Operations Centre during a national emergency, crisis or disaster.

Participants were introduced to basic emergency and disaster management concepts and definitions; the roles and responsibilities of the Department of Emergency Management, the stakeholders in the National Emergency System and the authority and roles of Emergency Operations Centres in Disaster Management. They were also made aware of the Emergency Operations Centre Standing Operating Procedures and the Incident Command System in the National Disaster Management System.

As the receipt of information into the Operations was critical, participants were also given an overview of the Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis process as coordinated by the Statistical Department.

Apart from the academics of emergency management, the participants were introduced to the Critical Information logging system and the various types of Information Communications Technology equipment used in the National Emergency Operations Centre; including Broadband Global Area Network Terminals, Satellite Phones, Ultra High Frequency, Very High Frequency, High Frequency Radios and the Astro Emergency Communications Network.

The workshop also highlighted the regional emergency management mechanism and its linkages as well as the importance of Critical Incident Management in emergency management.

Director of the Department of Emergency Management, Judy Thomas, in addressing the participants, lauded them for their interest and participation as she encouraged their continued commitment.

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