There is hope

As we keep hearing on the news, reading in the newspaper that things are getting harder in Barbados. Everyone is feeling it at this time from the upper class straight down to the lower class in society.

The question that remains is what can we do? In this economic recession many entrepreneurs will emerge due to the unavailability of jobs. Many people will begin to realise their talents and begin to use them for their benefit. It makes no sense to keep stressing on the fact that you are out of work, just sit and work out a plan of how you can make money.

In order to keep the economy moving we need to keep spending, that is just the reality of the situation. Of course I would not recommend spending what you don’t have, but if you can afford it just spend it wisely. Instead of booking a flight overseas for your vacation why not spend it at one of the hotels which offer Staycation rates. Tourists come from all over the world to experience what we have here so why not enjoy it. In this way you will be helping those hotels and guest houses keep people employed.

Sometimes when things get hard we lose hope but I always say there is light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing last forever and you must always believe that. Even if it takes a couple of months to a year just remember that things will get better. I know sometimes how easy it is to lose hope as I have been there but trust me when I say things always have a way of working out themselves. Have you ever realised that sometimes when you may think that you are up against the wall and nothing is going your way and then just out of the blue sometimes happens?

My biggest fear in these hard times is that as things getting harder people will give up hope and many will turn to suicide as they may think that is the better option. Suicide is never a better option. We must always remember that you are defined by the actions you take. Please never believe that ending your life will solve anything and to me that is an act of selfishness. You must think of your families and friends that will be affected by it. How will they cope in loosing you?

Always remember that we must have an environment filled with only positive vibes. Have you ever realised that sometimes what comes out of our mouths whether negative or positive sometimes happen? I can attest to that fact. I always encourage my contestants to believe and you will achieve.

William James stated “It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which more than anything else, will affect its outcome”.

Always remember to believe in yourself and continue to make today and everyday a big and beautiful day in the way you walk, dress and most of with your smile.

Have a wonderful week ahead! *

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