Sour attitude from LIME

[Yesterday] makes the ninth day I have been without a telephone, despite several reports made to LIME by friends of mine. The attitude of LIME seems to be, “So what? Who cares if your phone works or not!”

I am a senior citizen, semi-disabled, with medical problems. It is for this reason that I installed a medical alarm system, hooked up to an electronics firm, which works through my telephone, in case I should need medical assistance at any time.

Four nights ago, I had a fall, and although I have a “panic button” that I can press to set off the alarm, it was useless because my telephone was not working. Fortunately, I was able to scramble up off the floor, but had I not been able to do so, I daresay LIME’s attitude would have remained the same – “So who cares?”.

Well, I care. And I have news for LIME. They can take their damned telephone and shove it. I have a mobile (Digicel), and my Internet is supplied by TeleBarbados. I understand that that reliable company now has landline phones. That’s the way I shall go. I hope you read this, LIME.

– Margaret Knight

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