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Barbados Today readers have been sharing their views and responses to stories carried in the publications. Here are some of their comments.


Fitzgerald Army: This is just one of many thoughtless and emotional decisions made by the late David Thompson for which the taxpayers of Barbados have to pay the cost. There is also the breach of contract on the Bridgetown marina which the government also has to face and the termination of the 3S contract for the ABC highway, all of which were made by Thompson. The latter two will no doubt run into millions of dollars. PM Stuart in his turn at the wicket has only wasted in excess of $800k on the Alexandra Enquiry, not bad so far!

Ellerslie Alumni gives back

Bentley Jones: I’m so happy I was a part of this project and can’t wait to start the other phase.

Elvis G. Foster: A very good initiative by the Alumni, sorry i wasn’t there for that presentation, keep up the good work.

Relief fund not enough

Nick Hanley: We come to Barbados every year and during the good times the hotels and letting agents could afford to be laid back [because] there was plenty fish in the sea. Last week I emailed a well known hotel on the west coast for a room for three weeks not even the courtesy of a reply. And that is not the first time.

When times are tough the hotel sales teams need to work that much harder to entice people like me to your shores. They need to be proactive not reactive.I have never had ONE email from the hotels and apartments I have used over the past 10 years offering special offers, Christmas card, reminders of what they have available.

Nothing. Come on Barbados. You are better than this.

Garrison School to be renamed

Bajan Observer: I think the renaming of schools is an excellent idea. It could go a long way in helping to eliminate the stigma associated with certain schools. I hope that it won’t be too long before Harrison’s college and Queen’s college also be renamed as well. If all schools offer the same level of education leading up to CXC and other examinations. Then they must all be seen in a similar light. Why should two schools have college attached to their names when they offer the same education as all other schools? This makes them appear superior and hence the reason parents are in a frenzy each year when selecting a school in the 11-plus examination process. Queen’s College should have been renamed when it moved to Husbands. The syllabus is the same for all secondary schools regardless of performance in the eleven- plus examination. Let’s get real and make the necessary adjustments.

Keith Weekes: What a fitting thing to rename the school after our principal. Mr. Sealy has been an outstanding person from the time I can remember who has contribituted significantly to our society having moulded some outstanding individuals in his time like our Minister of Finance Mr. Chris Sinckler. In our society we knight persons make them ambassadors so I see nothing wrong with the renaming of the school The Graydon Sealy Secondary School when you look at it just one more s to the acronym (GSSS).

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