Opposition leader challenges Moonilal

PORT OF SPAIN – Opposition leader Dr. Keith Rowley is calling on deputy political leader of the United National Congress Dr. Roodal Moonilal to release any information he has on him.

Rowley did so via a Facebook post yesterday, stating: “Please Minister Moonilal. Don’t do me any favours. If you have information on any wrong-doing on my part, release it immediately!”

Housing Minister Moonilal, in an interview carried by another newspaper, described Rowley as only giving weekly ultimatums to the Government, and added:

“I want to demand that he stop giving ultimatums or else we will expose him.”

Moonilal further added that the pre-budget rally – scheduled for Saturday – will be a demonstration of the power of the people, “but I think the mass rally will at least shut up the PNM for a while”.

In a telephone interview with the Express yesterday, Rowley described Moonilal’s actions as unbecoming of a minister.

“This just goes to show what passes for ministerial responses… I try not to put my office in disrepute and I assumed they would do the same, but it doesn’t seem that way,” he said.

Asked why the Government would be attacking him on such a personal level, Rowley said he believed they were trying to discredit him so members of the public would not take him seriously.

As for the claims made by Moonilal that he had information which could “expose” Rowley, the Opposition leader said, “Let him.”

“I don’t know if maybe he found $10 million missing while I was at the HDC and keeping it secret, but I don’t require his assistance, so let him say whatever it is,” he said.

Attempts to reach Moonilal proved unsuccessful as calls to his mobile phone went unanswered. (Express)

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