Carnival back with a bang

Revellers on the road in January this year.

The St. Philip Carnival is back this year and with a bang.

After taking a two-year hiatus to rethink, re-brand and refocus the actual concept of the carnival and where it was headed Chairperson of the carnival committee, Hallam Gittens, told Barbados TODAY via telephone this afternoon that plans for this year’s November 30 carnival are under way and had been much easier to implement.

This year a mini St. Philip Carnival was held in January to reignite the interest of the carnival and by all accounts the initiative worked. Band registrations continue through to November 1 but already a total of ten have showed interest in participating.

“There mere fact that there is such an interest, this can definitely be the biggest St. Philip Carnival we have ever seen. I would say having the mini carnival in January would have excited other communities and some new bands to come on board and participate. It has excited corporate Barbados to come on board and be a part of it in a big way and the people- it has created lot of excited not just the revellers but the spectators who come to be a part of the festival,” he said.

This theme for this year’s carnival is St. Philip Alive.

Gittens said their aim was to continue to bring the community together so they have a series of family oriented events planned to leading up to the actual carnival on Independence Day.

The carnival will be launched tomorrow night at the Juice Spot Bar in Ruby, and on Saturday there will be motorcade reintroducing the carnival to philippines. An excursion and family picnic will be headed to the Farley Hill National Park in St. Peter on October 21 while on October 28 a church service is scheduled. On November 18, Rices playing field is there place to be when the committee hosts Pan In The East which would highlight some schools and communities based pan orchestras within St. Philip. The festivities conclude with the carnival on November 30 and an evening of entertainment thereafter.

The carnival began in 1999 and Gittens further emphasised that all communities across Barbados were invited to join St. Philip in their independence celebrations.

“The difference between the St. Philip Carnival and the others is [that] we are not just a one-day event it is a series of events. We will not compromise security, that day we ask all of the DJ’s to be responsible in the music they play and we will have security to prevent persons would jump into bands to cause that type of behaviour (crude). Along with that we will always be putting our own measures in place and I believe this is the best carnival we would have had.

“Over the years we have grown and matured into a responsible carnival that residents of St. Philip and by extension Barbados can be proud of,” he said. (KC)

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