Balloon juice

Tuesday September 25, 2012 was a “stellar day” in Parliament. The government of Barbados brought a Bill to the House of Assembly which has the force of permission for cruise vessels to open their shops and gaming facilities whilst still in port, if as I understand it, after six in the evening.

I presume that a survey has been carried out to show that passengers would be happy to go to dinner here in the clothes they were wearing all day and more than that we have attractions enough to keep them here longer.

That aside, the same Ministry responsible for the Bill lets us know that cargo vessels, even now before the new measures, sometimes have to wait off-shore for hours because the berths are occupied by cruise vessels. So what do they say? ‘Tough luck, they just have to wait longer.’

True, the government can claim that the cost of living is already going up and up so what’s a few more points if the cost of bringing in cargo goes up some more. Brilliant!

But they have a solution for the cargo problem. ‘We are going to build a new cruise pier which took several years to redesign and may take even longer to build.’ That’s a solution???

The thinking of the Minister and government responsible for this (you put in your word or words) Bill is what I would describe as mixed with balloon juice.

– Michael Rudder

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