Bajans top competition

Waiting For The Rain To Stop

Bajan photographers were awarded in five of the six categories of the just concluded SOL Caribbean Mirror Photography Competition.

The competition was hosted as part of the Barbados Summer Arts Festival, conceptualised by Arts In Motion.

The Summer Arts Festival was made of seven elements surrounding Barbadian life – How we move (our dance); what we eat (our foods), what we wear (our fashion), what we make (our Art and craft)), what we write (celebrating our authors), what we hear (our music); and what we see (photography).

Those elements were all displayed at the Hastings Rocks, Hastings, Christ Church on the weekend of May 25, 2012.

There were two photography competitions associated with the festival. The SOL Caribbean Mirror Competition was about Caribbean Life and was open to people all over the world, who had connections to the Caribbean. The photographs had to have been taken in the Caribbean. The second competition was Picture Barbados, open to residents and citizens of Barbados.

Last week the winners of the SOL Mirror competition, sponsored by SOL Caribbean were awarded and as fate would have it, Barbados’ name was stamped in most of the categories, namely Celebrating the Caribbean Woman; Inspiration Through Sport; City Life; Healthy Living; Our Children, Our Future; Our Natural Environment & Climate Change, and The Open Category.

Among some of the Barbados awards were Shaun Alleyne, Donovan Jordan, Mario Porchetta, Amy Cox and Marcille Haynes.

While SOL was the main sponsor, the competition was also sponsored by the British High Commission and Coast Caribbean. It was developed to provide an avenue for Caribbean people to tell their stories and to effect positive change by doing so.

The judges awarded prizes in five of the seven categories to seven participants, five of whom were Barbadian.

Directors of Arts In Motion, Ronnie Carrington and Roxanne Gibbs noted that the photographs were on display on the Coast Caribbean website and would soon be on display on screens around Barbados.

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