Teenager stabbed to death

Marcus Peters.

PORT OF SPAIN – Teenager Marcus Akiel Peters was abducted and stabbed to death as he attempted to walk away from an argument at a pool party yesterday.

Peters, 19, was forced into a car and stabbed 21 times in the chest and back. His bloodied body was dumped near the Chaguanas market.

Police officers found the teenager and took him to the Chaguanas Health Centre, where he was pronounced dead on arrival around 5.25 a.m.

This killing brings the murder toll to 302 for the year so far, according to an Express tally.

Peters, of Bagaloo Trace, Enterprise, Chaguanas, was liming at a pool party near Traxx Bar, Chaguanas, when he was involved in an argument over a woman, police said.

His father, Rollie Browne, said: “I heard that they began arguing over a girl. My son and his two friends walk out of the party. A car followed them and bounce my son.

Pelted with bottles

“Three car-loads of men started to pelt them with bottles. The two boys run, but my son get trapped in a corner. He was forced in one of the vehicles and then police find him by the market.”

Police said a silver Nissan Almera car was seen following the teenager when he left the party, near the Chaguanas Police Station.

“I heard that someone called the police, but they did not respond. I want to know why the police did not respond immediately. They could have saved my son’s life. Everything happened around the police station and my son still lost his life. This system is failing, the police not protecting our youths,” he said.

Browne, a father of seven, said his son was involved in an altercation with a Longdenville man six months ago.

“My son bring a girl, who has a child with someone else, to live here. He and the girl went and the father of her child saw them. They had an argument and the child father beat the girl. I know the same man was at the party last night. But I don’t know what happened because I was not there,” he said.

Browne said his son was not a “bad” boy.(Express)

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