Founder and Director of Caribbean Catalyst, Rosalind Jackson

by Emmanuel Joseph

If employees do not fit in, fire them.

That is the recommendation of Founder and Director of Caribbean Catalyst, Rosalind Jackson. Jackson made the bold assertion this morning, while addressing the First Caribbean and Latin American Talent Management Conference at the Savannah Hotel in Hastings, Christ Church.

In her spirited presentation, Jackson based her position on a number of “proven” talent management best practices, which included the concept that talent management was not a democracy where everyone was treated equally.

She said one practice, stemming from a 2009 White Paper by a consulting firm, required the talent strategy to be tightly linked to the company’s business strategy. The director said that once this was embraced by the business, and it required retraining or retrenchment, it must be done.

“The only reason people are in an organisation is to achieve business objectives,” she insisted. “The talent pipeline is only as strong as its weakest link. What I mean by that. In every department, at every level, make sure you are spotting people who can be transitioning to the next level and transition up and up. Do not promote people just because they sat in a chair a long time, because all you are going to get is another hoarding chair somewhere else in the building,” Jackson advised the human resources practitioners.

She indicated that businesses in the Caribbean were reluctant to get rid of people who have been in an organisation for “many” years, and worse yet, “the cat was put among the pigeons”, if they recruited talent from outside.

“We need the right pipeline of talent in every area, and if we don’t have the right talent, go and bring it in. Talent management is not a democracy. This is deeply rooted in our psyche that we should all be treated equally, especially if you are unionised. He got a raise, so I should get one, he got any opportunity to get a course so I should get it,” submitted Jackson. The human resources advisor argued that the employee would not want to look in the mirror and ask “‘what did he do that I didn’t’.” And you know what, we as managers and leaders want to keep the peace, so we treat everybody equally,” she added. The Founder of Caribbean Catalyst insisted that by doing this, leaders were breeding mediocracy.

“If you are not prepared to recognise talent and give it differential opportunity, you know what going to happen with that talent? It’s going to leave you. But this calls for guts,” Jackson exclaimed. She told the conference that potential performance and readiness were not the same. “We kill performance sometimes by over promoting it. Because we are performing well at one stage, doesn’t mean you are ready for the next. If they are not ready and you promote them, you are setting them up to fail,” she warned.

Jackson made it clear, that it was all about putting the right people in the right jobs.

“When we try to stuff people in the wrong mould, we stifle their passion,” concluded Jackson.

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  1. Celia Collymore September 26, 2012 at 6:34 am

    One thing I like about Ros is that she is honest and real when it comes to everything HR. It’s important that you share/tell persons what they NEED to hear to move forward the business and the employees and not what they ‘want’ to hear that is easy and comfortable. Right people for the right jobs…you’re on the money #innovation #leadership #success


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