Rohan Hackshaw wins mixmaster challenge

For the third consecutive year, Sandy Lane has had one of its bartenders win the Angostura Mixmaster Challenge.

Bartender Rohan Hackshaw won the Angostura Mixmaster Challenge and is also $2,000 richer.

Global MixMaster David Delaney Jr (left) presenting Angostura Mixmaster Challenge winner Rohan Hackshaw of Sandy Lane with his prizes.

Hackshaw surpassed the other nine bartenders who exhibited great talent and skill before an audience of more than 150 spectators during the competition which was hosted at Lime Bar, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre.

The triumphant bartender will also represent Barbados at the Regional Mixmaster Competition in Antigua on October 13th, 2012.

Barbados currently holds the regional title won by Jamaal Bowen last year and if successful in Antigua, Hackshaw will walk away with the regional title and US $5,000.

Angostura Limited in association with B&B Distribution, who have been the local distributors of Angostura products for six years, are pleased with the response and continued interest in the competition.

“The Angostura Mixmaster Challenge continues to generate great excitement among bartenders as it provides them with an opportunity to publicly demonstrate their skill and hone those skills so that they continue to grow,” said B&B Distribution’s Sales Development Officer, Russell Grant.

“We congratulate Rohan Hackshaw and we are proud to have him represent our brand and our country.”

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