Port Ferdinand taking shape

No one can argue Port Ferdinand, by all indications, is looking like quite a picturesque sprawl on the edge of St. Peter.

Laid out between Heywoods and Six Men’s in the northern parish, ground broke on this 15-acre “exclusive residential private marina community” in December 2009, with a then completion date of 2015.

One source told Barbados TODAY when we visited the northern local today that this early phase of the project was expected to be completed by mid-December. Several of the condominiums, the source said were well advanced, but there were a number still under construction which would require a lot of work ahead of the mid-December date.

The project as stated is supposed to have 120 berths, 96 three-bedroom condos in different styles, with each apartment having it’s own private berth and dock-side storage room.

Phase one of the project was also to involve 30 South Lagoon apartments in just over 2,100 square feet of open floor plan with 10 Viceroy Point apartments ranging between 2,300 and 2,550 square feet. The latter apartments are slated to be closest to the sea at the mouth of the marina.

The source said the project was currently employing about 200-plus people with a majority of work going on in the southern apartments to get those completed by the December 15 date. The source suggested that this was where the challenge would be, getting these apartments in line by the end of the year, as there was quite a bit of work still left to be done on them.

Meanwhile, the informant noted that two tractors that could be seen on the other side of the bridge excavating and dredging the bay area into the marina, should be able to complete their work quickly. He suggested that it would only take a matter of days, if so much, to complete the depth of about 16 feet which was the target for the area.

Most of the water off the marina, he suggested had already reached the required depth and the machinery was making light of the work involved.

In the centre of the project, an oasis like structure that was identified as a pool bar, was well under construction, with plants already installed inside the lagoon.

Phase two of the project is supposed to include 40 North Lagoon apartments and 16 Hill Side properties, nestled under the cut rock escarpment. Quite a bit of the rock has already been excavated in preparation for this further development, while around the walls of the property boundary, workers were busy assembling column heads, plastering walls and pouring cement. (LB)

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