Guides and scouts clean up

Totally committed to the cause, members of the Girl Guides Association led by Chief Commissioner Ruth Parris and the Boys Scouts Association’s Northern Division, joined forces to clean up Chandler’s Bay in St. Lucy. Chandler’s Bay sits on the Eastern side of the Girl Guides Association’s ‘Branckers’ Campsite, the location of the 2013 International Camp which will be one of the activities to celebrate Barbados achieving 95 years in Guiding.

Coming from a variety of units, the Girl Guides arrived from headquarters, St. James, St. Michael, Christ Church and St. Lucy to join the Chandler’s Bay clean up team. From as early as 6 a.m. scouts, guides, brownies and leaders descended into the Bay, clearing debris, metals, wood and discarded household items including a television and a toilet. A small amount of Sargassum weed was retrieved but not the amounts expected from previous inspection of the site. The blazing sun did not deter the guides and scouts to explore the area after their work was done, which they did while the leaders completed the administrative work of the project.

The collections were separated into several bags including plastics, paper, cans etc. for collection by the Caribbean Youth Environment Network, co-ordinators of the Barbados leg of the International Coastal Clean Up Day on September 15.

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