Geriatric Hospital grateful to Lion's Club

From left: Third Vice President Stephenson Yearwood, Manager Jonell Oxley-Worrell and Miriam Rouse at today’s presentation.

The Lion’s Club of Bridgetown celebrated their 50th anniversary last year and the celebrations are continuing.

Members of the club went to the Geriatric Hospital this morning to complete a project of installing 20 storage cupboards on wards 6 and 7b at the Beckles Road St. Michael institute.

Past president of the Lion’s Bridgetown, Miriam Rouse, told Barbados TODAY that this was not the first such donation to the hospital. She noted that over their 20-year affiliation, they had adopted the two wards and have painted them, given wheel chairs, night chairs, bath chairs, toiletries, a television set, ripples mattresses and more all in hope of making life easier for the patients and the nurses.

Staff nurse, Suzette Hope, was very appreciative of the gesture and guaranteed that the 35 patients who resided on the wards would put them to good use.

“We already have sheets in them, some persons already had some of their personal effects; their toiletries and clothes and other stuff already packed in; so as soon as they were finished we put them into use.

“As you can see, because of the space most of the relatives would usually bring a locker other than that, if they don’t have a locker we try to store the things in a neat basket under the bed so the lockers have really helped- they have most definitely helped,” she said.

Third Vice President of the Lion’s Club of Bridgetown, Stephenson Yearwood, said that while the cupboards added to the d?cor to the hospital and freed up much needed space they did not plan to end the partnership there and noted that they had other things in the works.

“When I came in and first saw the project I didn’t realise what we were getting into at first but as time went on we realise how conducive it looked as the project came to a close,” he said.

“While being here too it was always good to interact with the patients as well and some of them ask if they could get the cupboards home. The Lion’s Club not only work with institutions like these but other people with in the community and I am hoping that one day we will be able to go out and maybe help one or two of the patients in here to make their houses look just as conducive as it is today.” (KC)

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