When you start wrong…

Andrew Bynoe, being a government senator during the BLP Administration, should know how “political footballism” works. Sometimes it can work for you, other times against you. On this occasion it doesn’t seem to be going in his company’s favour – unfortunately.

As the old folk say, “when yuh start wrong, yuh duz end wrong.” If this DLP Cabinet gave the approval for B’s Recycling to commence operations at Bagatelle, without first obtaining the necessary permissions and environmental impact study from Town Planning and Environmental Protection departments, this project was destined for certain controversy.

I am supporter of the sorting, recycling and exporting efforts of B’s Recycling, of the things that we callously throw away. This is the preferred way to handle our garbage as opposed to the dumping and burying that existed at the Metal Dump over the years. The company is bringing much needed foreign exchange into our ailing economy while many companies are just users of that currency. We have already seen a decline of $63 million for the year so far.

I am not sure what assurances, if any, were given to B’s Recycling that they could commence works without an EIS. The site has operated as a metal dump/landfill by the SSA and no EIS was required, to my knowledge. The hazardous asbestos dump at Rock Hall, St. Philip, is located upwind from two residential developments – again no EIS.

Bynoe must be familiar with the sayings, “what goes around, comes around” and “wuh ain’t catch yuh ain’t pass yuh.” He might remember an attempt to block the “window to the sea” on the south side of Mullins Beach, where he was a vehement objector. The point is, whether you have interests on the platinum coast of St James or St Peter, or you live in the rolling hills of St Thomas, we all love this beautiful island.

This project at Bagatelle is perhaps the first time in our history where someone was willing to give up prime beachside real estate for a dump.

-Carl Harper

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