The phone battle

Many things have been said about Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 5. Some good some bad, well mostly bad, and I believe that this is for several reasons. One major reason being the fact the not only was the new version on iOS already known to the public via and previous Apple event, but so much information was leaked to the public that it would have been near impossible for Apple to wow the crowds any new information.

The other reason I believe so much negative has been said is that unlike its predecessors the iPhone 5 has failed in many ways to set the bar, and has really just coming out on par with device the current top tier devices. The truth is like it or not Since the iPhone 3Gs, the iPhone has been the yard stick by which many mobile phone makers measured themselves, with the competition getting closer and closer each year. But over the past year between the release of the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, both HTC and Samsung has developed so quickly that now Apple is no longer the “bar” setter.

And although Samsung and the media continue to compare the Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5, in an effort to crown Samsung the King Of The Hill, I personally believe throne already has an occupant albeit a very quiet one. The HTC one X is now in my humble opinion the measuring stick, the new totem pole, that guy who sits in the back of the class very quietly but always gets the highest score.

On paper it beats both devices and is cheaper too, though it’s not made from single block of aluminium machined to perfection like Apple’s offering, it isn’t made of cheap plastics either. It is just over all big bang for money amounts the top tier mobile phones.

I am one who tends to stay away from the arguments of which is “better” than the other because as with most things, better is quite relative with each device offering things the others don’t. So while I prefer the iPhone for it size and apps, others prefer the One X for it interface and the open concept of Android. Some people rather the curves of the SIII and how it fits in one’s hand, so before you purchase a mobile device or anything for the matter don’t ask “What’s the best one to get”, think about what you , what your every day needs and wants are and then after doing some comparisons ask yourself “which is the best for me”.

So don’t worry about getting into a back and forth about which is better defending your purchase, just buy what you like after all you will be the person using not the guy who’s trying to convince you his is better.

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