Sharpening skills

Thirty-seven female members of Scotiabank have just completed a workshop designed to sharpen their writing skills. Organised by the Advancement of Women Executive, the course titled Business Communication – Writing for Business Success was part of the AoW series of Life Lessons.

Held on two consecutive weekends, the workshop was opened to Scotiabank women at supervisory and management levels.

The interactive workshop centred on the Five C’s of good business writing – Conciseness, Completeness, Courtesy, Clarity and Correctness.

Also, given the importance and widespread use of email, the guidelines for email etiquette were debated, focusing on the top 12 email mistakes to avoid.

Facilitator, Scotiabank Manager Training & Development, Nicole Pitt, commented: “Perhaps the most common communication in the corporate world is writing, whether through email, memos, business letters or faxes. Ineffective writing skills can lead to miscommunication, which inevitably results in lost time and lost money. Our workshop focused on introducing Scotiabankers to techniques for selecting and organising information, using clear language, and fixing common errors in their business writing. The overall aim of the programme was to establish a high standard for written communication within Scotiabank.”

The AoW was created within Scotiabank to advance women into higher levels of the organisation, by first attracting top talent and publicly demonstrating the Bank’s commitment to being an employer of choice for women, clarifying the career advancement process so each Scotiabanker knows exactly what it takes to advance in his or her career; increasing mentorship opportunities and encouraging, supporting and facilitating the development of networks for women.

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