School battles outbreak

Alpha Infant School entrance.

KINGSTON – Fear is gripping the Alpha Infant School community in Kingston as a number of students have been falling ill with high fever, diarrhea and vomiting.

The cause of the children’s illness is not clear, but the principal of the school Nicolette McDonnough-Foster is raising concern due to an increase in chicken pox and dengue cases.

Her concerns have been heightened as a result of the death of five-year-old Steven Gray-Clarke, a class two student from the school, who died yesterday after having symptoms of fever and diarrhea.

The principal however said she is unsure if Steven’s death is as a result of those symptoms.

“We are seeing a number of cases but we are on alert, as we spot the cases we are calling in the parents and ensure that they take them to the hospital and don’t treat it lightly. We are just watch because we know that it is contagious,” she said. (Gleaner)

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