Road for centenarian

Ambassadors Rommell Marshall and Kimberley Knight toasting the St. Joseph resident.

Millicent Trotman has reached the ripe age of 107 years.

A sprightly Trotman still has good hearing, a great memory and all her mental faculties in place, including wit, so she could give the youth in her presence some great advice.

In celebration of her 107th birthday, the St. Joseph Parish Ambassadors and their committee visited centenarian yesterday.

Ambassadors, Rommell Marshall and Kimberly Knight presented her with a birthday gift basket and said a few touching, congratulatory words; but the most sentimental gift of them all, was a little poster with the words ‘Millicent Trotman Close’ written on it. This poster was a representation of the naming of a road in her honour in her ‘hometown’, Hillswick Village, St. Joseph.

The Democratic Labour Party’s representative for St. Joseph, Dennis Holder, also stopped by and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

Parish Attendant, Caroline Holder, noted that permission for the naming of the Road and erection of the sign was granted by the Ministry of Transport and Works. However, due to the inclement weather, the actual ceremony for this part of the visit was not held as planned.

The visit culminated with a word of prayer and in keeping with her genuine gracious and giving spirit, Trotman thanked everyone in attendance and offered a few words of advice, telling them to use every opportunity they have and always give to those in need.

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