Governmental excellence

It is absolutely clear that the party winning the next general election, will have to make some very tough decisions if Barbados is to recover from its economic woes. Certainly these decisions will affect key governmental and private sector entities. The task will be how to execute these decision with minimum repercussions.

In my recent discussion with influential individuals from around the island, there were many things that I heard in reference to ideas and plans of former Prime Minister that demonstrated the willingness to think outside of the box. From Grantley Adams’ plan to build a nuclear plant that would generate power for the Caribbean to Errol Barrow’s plan to unify the region, and create a frame work for one Caribbean.

Somehow over the years the standard of governmental excellence has vanished, and we have been force to accept a system that has failed to administer the kind of political excellence that is required by those we put our trust and confidence in.

We have seen entire constituencies neglected, promises unfulfilled, financial corruption at the highest level, the down grading of our sovereign credit rating, the lack of transparency and accountability be ministers of government, and yet many are still happy to continue to show solidarity.

What does this say about us as a people? It says that we have finally accepted the lie that politics is, and will continue to be realm of lies, deceit, disrespect and dishonorable conduct.

It also says that we are happy to continue to elect individuals that perpetrate these characteristics without considering the consequences of our actions. As a minister of the Gospel, it is important to critically appraise the stewardship of individuals who function as leaders, and provide advice for improving the quality and efficiency of work, celebrate excellence in growth and delivery, applaud commitment, dedication and proper attitude, and also to administer discipline when necessary.

The NBKA believes that the time has come for the people of Barbados must begin to call for the kind of governmental excellence that’s required form our leaders, and they must do so in a manner that is unmistakably sound.

I was speaking to a gentleman who resigned his membership from one of the major parties. He said to me that he could no longer allow himself to function in a manner that contradict his ethics. He stated that a situation occurred where the Minister of the constituency he was a member of went on the news with a project idea and a figure. When he questioned the minister about it the idea and the figure he gave, the minister said it was just a ballpark figure. When he asked the Minister for the feasibility study and architectural plans, there was none.

This gentleman like many others, understand the need for governmental excellence in Barbados.

Something radical has to be done in Barbados in our administration of our political processes, and I mean radical.

I remember a true story that was old to me by Dr. Oral Roberts, who was one of the greatest Faith Ministers of the twenty first century. He said that his uncle who had a peach farm, was beginning to fail in his peach production, because his trees were not producing as they should.

He said that he asked his Uncle what was causing the problem, his uncle told him, “Oral, I just got caught up with the prosperity I was getting, and I didn’t pay attention to the soil, I didn’t plough between the tree enough to allow the air to pass through and to cause the moisture to come to the surface”.

Dr. Roberts said that he asked his uncle what he was going to do now, his uncle said, “I have to pull them all up and plant new ones”.Dr. Roberts said to his uncle that it will be a lot of work and money, and that it will be a long time before he sees any returns. His uncle said to him ” yes I know, but this farm is all I have, and if it’s going to sustain me for the rest of my life, I have to take this radical step now and not later.”

This is the kind of radical step that is needed to move Barbados into the future as a world class destination that will bring joy to our people.

The NBKA is committed to making Barbados work for Barbadians.

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