Garrison School to be renamed

Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, conversing with students of the Deighton Griffith School.

The Garrison School is now the Graydon Sealy Secondary School.

Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, while speaking with Barbados TODAY, made the announcement. At the time he was attending a service to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Deighton Griffith School with staff and students at Christ Church Parish Church in Church Hill this morning.

Sealy was the first principal of the school when it was established in 1975.

He retired 15 years later and in 2007 he was recognised by the Democratic Labour Party’s for his outstanding contribution to education. He worked in Jamaica and Trinidad before returning to Barbados where he taught at Grantley Adams Memorial Secondary School, The Lodge finally at then at the Paddock Road St. Michael school.

Secretary of the Garrison School alumni, Zelma Daisley, described Sealy as a disciplinarian but a very friendly man.

“He would beat you but you would still respect him and even after he lash you he would like talk to you like it never happened. As old as he is, he can still remember the first set of children who entered those gates. He is still the same humble person, still soft spoken, he still thinks of us as his children and he is still very much a stickler for time. We had an alumni function and we told Sealy it would start at 7 o’clock he got there before and when it was 7 o’clock we could see him looking at his watch- he has not changed,” she said as she laughed.

Jones said the Cabinet took the decision to rename schools based on recommendations from the ministry and refuted the claim that they were renaming schools willy-nilly. Rather he said that renaming of schools was done as a way to highlight the contribution of outstanding individuals.

“We name schools not willy nilly but we do substantial research. Schools will be renamed, new school will be built and names will be put on them, old school will go through name changing. Normally schools used to be named after parishes or the community from which they were found or after the church- in the case if an elementary. We are now coming into our own and naming the schools after outstanding citizens.

“A school will always be a school, when you name the Garrison as Graydon Sealy these things become embedded in people’s minds. Milton Lynch was renamed and people use Christ Church Boys’/ Milton Lynch interchangeably. It will take time for these things to gel in the minds of people, even I still call Milton Lynch Christ Church Boys but people self-correct and move on and they have not been these phenomenal renaming of schools. People take time to learn things; you don’t instantly manoeuvre a new roundabout in a flash.

You will find that on every plaque the Graydon Sealy School was previously called the Garrison School- no fuss… not everybody agrees normally with name changes but how else do we honour our outstanding citizens? We have to recognise our people,” he said.

The official renaming ceremony for the Graydon Sealy Secondary School will occur in October where the St. James Secondary School would also be renamed the Frederick G. Smith Secondary the school and the St. Lucy Secondary will hold the title of past principal Anthony Jordan. (KC)

2 Responses to Garrison School to be renamed

  1. Keith Weekes September 24, 2012 at 6:12 am

    what a fitting thing to rename the school after our principal. Mr Sealy has been an outstanding person from the time i can remember who has contribituted significantly to our society having moulded some outstanding individuals in his time like our minister of finance Mr Chris Sinclair. In our society we knight persons make them ambassadors so i see nothing wrong with the renaming of the school The Graydon Sealy Secondary School when you look at it just one more s to the acronym (GSSS).

  2. Bajan Observer September 24, 2012 at 11:15 am

    I think the renaming of schools is an excellent idea. It could go a long way in helping to eliminate the stigma associated with certain schools. I hope that it won’t be too long before Harrison’s college and Queen’s college also be renamed as well. If all schools offer the same level of education leading up to CXC and other examinations. then they must all be seen in a similar light. Why should two schools have college attached to their names when they offer the same education as all other schools? This makes them appear superior and hence the reason parents are in a frenzy each year when selecting a school in the eleven- plus examination process. Queen’s college should have been renamed when it moved to Husbands. The syllabus is the same for all secondary schools regardless of performance in the eleven- plus examination. Let’s get real and make the necessary adjustments.


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