Countless cents

Central Bank staffer Charles Pile helps Barbados Youth Service volunteers Tyrone Fenty and Christoff Alain with the cent collections.

By midday today, Central Bank staffers had already made trips of several buckets and containers worth of cents back to their Church Village location from Heroes Square.

Today is observed as World Alzheimer’s Day and the Barbados Alzheimer’s Association’s in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Barbados and the Central Bank used the occasion to have a national collection day for their Making Sense of Cents initiative, aimed at raising money for a care facility for sufferers of Alzheimer’s.

The response was overwhelming, as contributors brought cents in everything from fruit juice containers, to lotion bottles, to peanut butter and ice-cream containers and even a Johnnie Walker scotch whiskey container.

President Pamelia Brereton said from the time they opened people were bringing cents by the numbers and those that did not have collections stored up were even emptying their purses to take out cents and other coins, while yet more were making cash donations to the cause.

Winston Adams, a bottle collector, had a crocus bag packed with cents, noting that he picks them up just as he does bottles and was happy they could come in handy.

More people yet wanted to know where other locations were around the island that they could contribute at a later date. The association used the opportunity to hand out literature about the disease. (LB)

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