Concern over management

The Barbados Workers Union has voiced its concern at the lack of transparency in some of the management decisions taken at Club Barbados, the former Almond Beach Club and Spa.

General Secretary of the BWU, Sir Roy Trotman expressed this concern yesterday during a press briefing at Union Headquarters at Solidarity House.

The union boss said: “When the take-over took place, the new owners committed themselves to an open policy, transparency, and where information would be shared openly and freely with everyone.

“The new owner has re-committed himself to this and it is our hope that those people who serve for him in his absence would get the message very clearly and that we will have a new hotel in Holetown which will be a hotel to bring pleasure and satisfaction to all of us who are in the business of building this economy,” Sir Roy added.

He told members of the Press that the new owners were giving thought to further expansion, but he acknowledged that this was a matter that they would have to speak to. (NC)

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