Clothes fit for monarchs

From left: RPB, Judy Cumberbatch, Henrietta Boyce, Grantley Hurley, and Mikey.

The Monarchs of the Crop-Over festival are looking sharper and more dapper than ever.

One reason for this could be the new wardrobes they received compliments of Henrietta’s Closet.

Pic-O-De-Crop King, Red Plastic Bag, Sweet Soca Monarch and Party Monarch champion, Mikey, as well as King and Queen of the Crop, Grantley Hurley and Judy Cumberbatch all ventured to the Limegrove Holetown store this afternoon to collected their prizes.

RPB, who received a $1,000 gift voucher, went into the store trying on a variety of shirts.

At the end, of all the outfits he tried, a striking lime green, detailed, cotton shirt highlighted his complexion and suited him best.

Hurley was also pleased with his selections. He said told Barbados TODAY that he liked so many outfits it was hard to decide what he would spend his $500 voucher on.

Owner of Henrietta’s Closet, Henrietta Boyce, said this was the third year her store had outfitted the monarchs and though it was not as big a contribution as other people it was still a pleasure every year to be a part of the Crop-Over festival.

While they usually outfitted the King and Queen of the Crop and the Pic-O-De-Crop Monarch, this year they have increased sponsorship by including the Party Monarch and Sweet Soca Monarch to a tune of $500 each. The Queen of the Crop received a $500 gift voucher as well.

“We find that they are so enthusiastic… they choose and they get whatever, we don’t say they can’t have this and they can’t have that, whatever makes them happy is what we do and I think they are quite pleased every year. We hope that next year we can even come bigger and better.”

She noted that Limegrove was her newest outlet, opened for just six weeks but which had been doing well so far. (KC)

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