Rumour has it

Ever realise how quickly and often times insufficiently news seems to travel nowadays?! For example let’s say that something major has just happened, the news that comes over social media forums like BlackBerry, Facebook and Twitter and the actual factual report many times never match. Although, let’s give jack his jacket, the news can often times be ‘spot on’ to the last detail. The idea that so many altered and adjusted stories are actually out in the world with soo much discrepancies within them is actually appalling.

Often times what you hear and what actually happened are two completely different crafted stories and this is never intentional of course. Everyone just seems to always have their own version to a story, it is person A’s interpretation, person B’s interpretation and what really happened. Also information always seems to get lost when passing it on, many can relate haven played pass the message in our childhood years The last person in the message chain never seems to receive the message that was originally sent, sometimes its even a totally transformed piece of information, really shows you how rumors can be started, but hey that’s for another article.


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