Respect yourselves, ladies

There are some things in life you just have to stress on and respect is one of them. I’m not only talking about respect for your peers, your elders and your superiors, I’m talking about respect for yourself as well.

Yesterday I got a photo of this female partaking in a sexual act with a plastic bag over her head. All I could do was shake my head at the level of stupidity which some young girls display.

Who in their right mind would allow themselves to be humiliated by agreeing to such folly? It pretty much shows that the guy as no sense as well and couldn’t really care much for this girl seeing that he didn’t even make a hole for her nose. -_-

But the focus here is the female. From the time the suggestion about placing a bag on your head to conceal your identity is made, you should know that is the cue to ship out cuz the mood dead. Fact that he actually got you to go along with it is another issue. Blinded by love maybe lol?

Maybe she thought it was a brilliant idea. He gets what he wants while catching it on camera and her identity is concealed…or is it? I’m pretty sure if his boys were to ask who was the face behind the mask….bag rather lol, he would let the cat out of ‘the bag’ lolol get it lol?

So clearly she has no respect for herself. Bedroom business should be just that. You never know what could come back to haunt you. Idk what’s his deal but I think the phone would be the last thing on my mind and I would be focussing on the task at hand lol but that’s just me.

But come on ladies step your game up.


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