New term, new look

When students, staff and parents entered the grounds of the Seventh-day Adventist Primary and Secondary schools when the new term began on Monday it was like walking into the Garden of Eden.

This was how principal of the primary school, Angela Butchell-Skeete, described the new look of the school.

With beautiful trees and newly planted flowers accessorizing the modern and vintage buildings, one felt like they were in an oasis. One could say the school environment felt safer, more peaceful, cooler and a better environment for the children to learn in. This was the result of four weeks over the summer holiday, beginning on July 23until September 17, where workmen worked intensely to renovate the school surroundings.

This morning the secondary school principal, Dr. Cecil Cummins took the Barbados TODAY team on a tour of the Dalkeith, St. Michael institution.

The project was spearheaded by the Eastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventist and through contributions from members and the head office they were able to raise the $400,000 needed to put the idea into fruition.

“Obviously we would have needed a spruce up, we had a run-down galvanised wall and now we have a beautiful wall, we had to repave the drive way and deal with drainage and so on,” Cummins said.

“We have plans to build additional class room blocks the drawings are almost complete. The alumni are undertaking to rebuild a hall on the spot where the old hall was because we presently don’t have a hall. Work is being done on an additional play area to the back of the primary school, since the old one is too small.

“We are looking at a greening project where the student council is looking at further renovations and refurnishing the bathrooms. There are plans to put in sporting areas and an extension of the canteen to accommodate an eating area. Let’s face it we are a part of an environment and what happens here impacts on us we felt, to give the school a facelift there would be a spin-off to that,” he added.

Results so far have proven that the environs where a child resides in fact affects their behaviour as the principal was happy to announce that based on comments received it could be said that the 348 secondary students and the 310 children who attend the primary school seemed quieter, serene more eager to learn. (KC)

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